How many doorbells can I connect to RingPatrol

It depends on how your doorbell was wired by the person who installed it. Typically each RingPatrol device can monitor one doorbell, however it is possible that it can monitor and control two at the same time.

What if I have more than one doorbell?

Depending on the way your doorbell was wired, you can install multiple RingPatrol devices to control and monitor more than one doorbell. Check the wiring diagrams below to see which matches the way your doorbell is wired.

What kinds of doorbells does RingPatrol support?

RingPatrol will work with any wired doorbell systems that operates on 8VAC to 24VAC. Check the voltage rating on your transformer before purchasing. Click here for instructions on how to find your transformer.

Where is my transformer?

In most areas there is no electrical code that governs where the transformer is mounted. This can make it difficult to locate at times. Consult the pictures below of what the transformer looks like. Typical locations include:

  1. Near your furnace or HVAC system. This could be in the basement, attic, garage, or closet in your home.
  2. Mounted to your breaker panel.
  3. Mounted to a junction box in your basement.
  4. Mounted to a junction box in your garage
  5. Mounted to a junction box in your attic.

I found two transformers. Which one controls my doorbell?

If you have two transformers the best way to identify which one controls your doorbell is to disconnect one wire on the transformer and ring the bell. If the bell doesn't ring, then that is the correct transformer.

Please ensure power is off when you are disconnecting and reconnecting wires. Ensure power is back on when you are ringing the bell.

I have a lighted doorbell button. Will RingPatrol turn off the light when it is in silent mode?

No. RingPatrol ensures the button remains lit even if your doorbell is in silent mode. This is to keep people from thinking your doorbell is broken.

Can I install it myself?

Yes. RingPatrol was designed to be very easy to install. As long as you can find and access your transformer, it is as simple as removing two wires, and connecting RingPatrol in the middle.

Please ensure power is off when you are disconnecting wires.

Do I need WiFi for RingPatrol to work?

RingPatrol needs to be connected to WiFi for the notification features to work. However, RingPatrol does not need to be connected to WiFi in order to silence your doorbell on a schedule. If you would like to use the scheduling feature without connecting RingPatrol to your network simply skip the network connection step during installation. You will need to manually configure the date and time and set the scheduled quiet times.

Note: RingPatrol relies on a network connection to automatically set the time if power is interrupted. Therefore, if you experience a power interruption you will need to connect directly to RingPatrol and set the date and time again.

Does it still work if my network goes down?

The scheduling feature will work, but notifications will not work if RingPatrol is not connected to the network. Also, RingPatrol relies on network connectivity to automatically set the time after a power interruption. If power is interrupted you will need to manually connect to RingPatrol and set the time.

How do I connect directly with RingPatrol?

If RingPatrol cannot connect to your network, the blue network LED will be blinking. To connect to RingPatrol, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to the WiFi network named "RingPatrol"
  2. Enter "password" for the password

Will RingPatrol be able to monitor the doorbell when in silent mode?

Yes. This is one of the best features of RingPatrol. If you have enabled notifications it will notify you even if it is in silent mode.

Where can I buy RingPatrol?

Currently it is available through, as well as Amazon. Please note that it must be purchased directly from or sold and fulfilled through Amazon in order for the warranty to be honored.

How many phones can RingPatrol notify?

No limit! It is so easy to turn notifications on and off that you can even have a babysitter or a visitor notified while they are at your house.

What happens to my settings if I lose power?

All of the settings are stored in memory. You will not have to set up RingPatrol again. When power is restored RingPatrol automatically connects to the network and updates the time and restores your schedules from memory.

What is included with RingPatrol?

The package includes the RingPatrol device, mounting tape, a warranty card, and two lever nuts.

Do I need WiFi to register my RingPatrol device?

Yes, the app needs to send serial number information as well as your contact information to RingPatrol for registration purposes.

Can I manage my RingPatrol device from a computer?

Yes, RingPatrol has a built in webserver so you can manage it from a standard web browser. If you enabled DHCP during the network setup phase of installation, you will need to write down the IP address so you can access it from a browser. While this option is available it requires advanced knowledge of your network in order to take advantage of this feature.

Is RingPatrol FCC Certified?

Yes, RingPatrol is certified to be compliant in the USA as well as Canada. Contact us for a declaration of conformity.


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