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Avoiding Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD) with Ringpatrol

Sleep is critical for performing your best at your job.  When your job requires you to change your sleeping patterns you can be affected by Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD).  If you have SWSD you are excessively sleepy when you should be awake, and are unable to sleep when you need to.  There are many types of night shift workers ranging from factory workers who are concerned with quality control, policeman who rely on quick decision making abilities in highly stressful situations, as well as doctors, nurses other emergency response personnel who need to to be at their best to help people in need.  In all of these situations rest is the critical link to top performance on their next shift.  RingPatrol protects your rest from package deliveries, door to door sales people, neighbors, or anyone else that might ring your doorbell during daytime hours.  Don't rely on a note, or peoples memories to remember when your shifts are.  Buy RingPatrol and take control of your doorbell today!

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