As a parent you already have a full plate…an overflowing plate.  You need less things to worry about, not more.  RingPatrol helps parents by enforcing quiet times automatically.  It doesn't require you to be well rested, and doesn't even require a good memory.  It works for you day in and day out to protect your quiet times.  It puts you in control of when your doorbell can and cannot ring, and also how you are notified.  Skip the anxiety created by wondering whether people will see a post-it note or not (see our full blog post on post-it notes here).  Rest easily knowing that RingPatrol will make the decision for them so they don't have to.  Also rest easy knowing that you will know when a visitor is there…silently.

Take control of your doorbell today.  Buy RingPatrol to reliably ensure the serenity of your home.


Simple Scheduled Silence

The app allows you to set a regular schedule of quiet times when you do not want the doorbell to disturb your household.  Add different times to meet the needs of you and your family.  For the times you want to take an impromptu nap, there is a manual override button that will silence the bell immediately.  Sweet silence at the push of a button.



For the times that you don't want to disturb others in the house, but do want to know when someone is at the door RingPatrol has the capability to send you notifications.  Whether it is your favorite take-out being delivered, the arrival of a much anticipated online purchase, or a friend dropping by, RingPatrol ensures you are connected on your terms.

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