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Installation Overview

RingPatrol works with your existing doorbell system, which makes installation a snap!  Follow these steps to install and configure your RingPatrol so you can enjoy the sweet serenity of your household.


Step 1:  Go on a treasure hunt!

The first step to installing RingPatrol is finding the location where your doorbell transformer is installed.  This is likely the hardest part of the installation because builders and homeowners can install them in many different locations.  Rest easy, once you find it, the rest of the install is very simple.  Popular locations include:

  • On your furnace.  Keep in mind that your furnace could be installed in your basement, attic, or garage.
  • On your breaker box.
  • In your garage (if it is near the front door).


Step 2:  Turn off Power

To ensure safe installation, please turn off the power to the doorbell.  Find the breaker that sends power to the doorbell and turn it to the off position. 


Step 3:  Connect RingPatrol

  1. Remove the existing wires from the transformer.
  2. Connect the RingPatrol power leads to the transformer
  3. Connect the RingPatrol bell leads to the wires that were connected to the transformer.
  4. Turn power back on.


Step 4:  Download the App & Configure RingPatrol

Once the app is downloaded, follow the onscreen instructions for the rest of the installation.  This includes:

  1. Connecting RingPatrol to your home network.
  2. Configuring your timezone settings.
  3. Naming your device.
  4. Configuring notifications.
  5. Adding quiet hours.


Step 5:  Enjoy the sweet sound of silence!