RingPatrol for your Pet


Reduces anxiety in pets when you are not home.

Many of us train our pets to not bark every time the doorbell rings.  When you aren't home you cannot correct the behavior every time the doorbell rings.   Silencing the doorbell allows your pet to be relaxed while you are away, and properly trained when you are home.

Allows you to kennel your pet before answering the door.

Our pets are full of love.  So much so that they want to hug and lick every visitor that comes to our door.  While we love this response from our pets, not every visitor is as receptive.  RingPatrol allows you to be notified of a visitor, so you can decide whether to share the love with your visitor or not.  It allows you to get them to their kennel while they are calm making it quick and easy to answer the door.

Avoids barking when working from home.

Imagine being on an important conference call with your boss, or an important client.  Your doorbell rings, and your dog barks at the door.  This causes you to apologize for the noise while frantically trying to calm down you pet so you can get back to business.

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