RingPatrol: The Best Solution for Ding Dong Ditch

Schools are starting to let students go free into summer which means more kids will have free time, and cases of boredom, on their hands. Teenagers may find themselves considering, discussing, and planning pranks in their neighborhoods. While many seem harmless to the conspirators, neighbors don’t always receive the pranks well. Perhaps one of the most frustrating, common pranks is ding dong ditch.

RingPatrol The Best Solution - Ding Dong Ditch

Ding Dong Ditch, or doorbell ditching, is a prank where someone rings the doorbell and then “ditches” or runs away without being caught. Often this prank is done at night, resulting in household disruptions. Beyond the annoyance factor, ding dong ditch can also cause anger, fear, or confusion for the victims.

It can also scare single parents or babysitters; it can create havoc in families with young children who may wake up to the doorbell; it can cause anxiety in pets to hear the bell late at night; and it endangers those who may awake confused or disoriented, increasing that person’s likelihood of falling down steps or leaving the door unlocked on their way back to bed.

Ding dong ditching not only frustrates and enrages homeowners, it can be dangerous for the kids who do the pranking. There are several news stories that highlight the danger of this prank - situations where the doorbell ditch victims became aggressive toward the pranksters in their response.

What can be done about ding dong ditch? It’s certainly not a new prank amongst teens, but the reality of severe retaliation makes this prank potentially dangerous for kids carrying out the prank. This has become a hot topic online in places like neighborhood Facebook groups and NextDoor. RingPatrol gives you the power to drastically reduce the impact caused by ding dong ditch pranks.

In the traditional setting, the pranksters ring the doorbell to cause a quick and loud disruption inside of a home. The quickness of a bell press gives them the ability to usually outrun anyone who may come to the door to investigate. With RingPatrol, there is no whole-house bell tone. Instead, a notification is sent straight to a mobile phone. If your phone is on silent, you won’t be disturbed. Even if your phone’s volume is turned on, you will be the only one who knows anything is going on. You won’t have a barking dog or screaming child to complicate the situation.

Less household disruption from the prank also helps protect the teenagers. If a homeowner isn’t enraged and dogs aren’t on alert, there is a reduced chance of aggressive retaliation. Instead, persistent doorbell pushes may result in a calm call to the authorities who can appropriately handle the teens.