Easy Doorbell Hack: Transform your doorbell into a virtual doorbell!

Doorbell Hack.png

Do you hate your old disruptive doorbell and wish there was an easy, economical way to bring it into the 21st century?  In this article, I uncover the benefits of having a virtual doorbell and how easy it is to convert your existing doorbell in less than a half hour.  That is easier than a majority of your household projects!



You may be asking yourself why would you want a virtual doorbell?  There are several reasons:

1. You don't like the harsh disruptive sound a doorbell makes…ever!

As a society, we are relying on the doorbell less often by having friends or family text when they arrive at your house.  This is especially true for millennials and Gen Zers.  Its an okay solution (albeit less convenient than pushing a button) for friends and family, but what about all of the other visitors that come to your house?  The delivery guy, the local cable salesperson, neighbors that drop by to borrow tools, the local cookie sales professional, etc.  Unfortunately, you can't ask them to text you when they arrive, so they push the button and disrupt the serenity of your house.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a button attached to the front of your house that would just text you?

2. You don't like the look of your doorbell on the wall.

Let's be honest, doorbells aren't designed by designers.  They are designed to be very functional.  Over the years I have seen lots of different doorbell designs and many attempts at dressing up the doorbell.  It often ends up looking like lipstick on a pig.  It might look pretty, but it always looks out of place.  While you try to ignore that blight on your wall it is difficult.  Wouldn't it be great if you could just eliminate the chime?

3. You want to be notified when you are out of hearing range.

Don't wait by the door for a visitor or delivery!  When you are in your basement, garage, or your backyard you are likely to miss any visitors at your door because you simply can't hear it.  This is especially problematic for people who work from home and need to sign for packages and can't miss the delivery person.  


How Easy Is It?

Our goal for RingPatrol installation was to make it so easy any sleep-deprived parent of an infant could install it.  The good news is that requirement makes it extremely easy for anyone to install!  For standard installation instructions, check out our installation video.  I provide a complete walkthrough for wiring RingPatrol to your existing doorbell.  Now, how do you create a virtual doorbell?  It is simple.  Just configure the quiet times in the app so it is always in silent mode.  I recommend setting a schedule to start at 12:00 AM and ending at 11:59 PM. 


If you hate the look of your doorbell chime, you can remove it and RingPatrol will still work.  Follow this five step process for removing your doorbell chime:


Step 1:

Remove the Cover


Step 2:

Unscrew wires from the terminals.


Step 3:

Remove chime from the wall.


Step 4:

Use a wire nut to connect the wires.


Step 5: 

Cover the hole and wires.


Once those steps are complete, you can spackle and paint to make the holes and cover disappear.

What is your reason for wanting a virtual doorbell?  Whatever your reason, RingPatrol is the best solution.  With RingPatrol you can convert your existing disruptive mechanical doorbell into a modern, convenient method of notifying you of visitors.  Click this link to learn more about how it works or the link below to purchase one on Amazon today!