Top 5 Reasons Why Post-It Notes Don't Work


I hear it all the time…why do I need RingPatrol when I can just use a post-it note?  They are basically free!  Eight years and four kids later I have written many post-it notes.  Everything from the polite request to knock all the way to threats.  Let's be honest.  The post-it note does work…sometimes.  It happily does it's magic when everyone is up, or everyone got a good night of sleep.  When doesn't it work?  When you were up all night with a sick or teething baby and just want to get some rest during the day.  That is the day you get a new delivery man, forget to put the note up, or have a visitor that simply misses your note and rings the bell.  This throws the entire household into a downward spiral for the rest of the day.  The worst part is the anxiety of not knowing if the note is going to work today or not.  I have spent many days taking cat naps on the couch waking up with every passing car, checking to make sure someone wasn't going to miss my note.  Here are the five top reasons why the post-it doesn't work:

1. People don't always see it.

Unless the note is right on top of the button, people often hit the doorbell and notice the note while they are waiting for you to answer the door.  The delivery guy is so busy he often isn't even looking up when he/she hits the bell.  They drop the package, hit the bell, and they are off to the next house.  Even if you catch them doing it and train them, delivery personnel change (especially near the holidays when you get the most packages).  Also, if people do ring the bell, then see the note, they are mortified and apologize profusely when you do answer the door.  A painful situation for everyone.

2. It blows away, or fades from the sun.

For a post-it to be effective it basically has to be right on top of the doorbell button.  This means that it has to be outside where it is exposed to the weather.  While it is true that they are cheap and easy to replace if this happens you only find out that it needs to be replaced when someone rings your doorbell (not a great time to find out).

3. You can't schedule a post-it note. 

You must remember to always put it up and take it down.  This is especially difficult when you are tired, and are in most need of a nap.  I have been there.  Sleep deprived, wearing just one sock, craving a nap, or just a little break.  Placing the post-it note is the last thing you want to think about after you are already laying in bed awaiting blissful sleep to come.

4. People simply ignore it.

Whether it is a good intentioned visitor who thinks naptime is over, a pushy solicitor who wants an audience on their schedule, or a ding dong prankster who intentionally wants to disturb you, the person who rings the bell is in control of the decision to ring the bell.

5. You want to know visitors are there.

You don't want to miss your annual thin mint sales, a package delivery that you have been waiting for, or your favorite takeout being delivered.  A post-it means that you will likely miss unexpected visitors or have to wait by the door for expected visitors.

There are two themes to the problems identified above.  The first theme is as a parent you already have a full plate…an overflowing plate.  You need less things to worry about, not more.  With the post-it note you have to worry about putting it up, and taking it down as well as worry about whether someone is going to follow your directions.  The second theme is that you can't control other people.  Try as you might to help their decision making process, people love to make decisions on their own.

RingPatrol helps parents by enforcing quiet times automatically.  It doesn't require you to be well rested, and doesn't even require a good memory.  It works for you day in and day out to protect your quiet times.  It puts you in control of when your doorbell can and cannot ring, and also how you are notified.  Skip the anxiety created by wondering whether people will see the note or not.  Rest easily knowing that RingPatrol will make the decision for them so they don't have to.  Also rest easy knowing that you will know when a visitor is there…silently.

Out of the last eight years we have used the post-it note for four years, and RingPatrol for four years.  The difference between the two experiences is night and day.  The peace of mind that is provided by not having to remember the note, and not worrying about other people is very valuable.  Our sincere hope is to share that with you.  To give you the same peace of mind that we are enjoying now.

Take control of your doorbell today.  Buy RingPatrol to reliably ensure the serenity of your home.

Andrew DierksComment