About Us

RingPatrol was co-founded by us (Amber and Andrew) in our garage.  We are a husband and wife team who are extremely passionate about the health and well being of our family.   We have four little girls who keep us very busy, but also very happy.  Our core values are centered around creating peace, health and happiness in our home.  Anyone who has children knows that times of rest are critical to keeping the family unit operating at its best.  RingPatrol was designed to help make that a reality by creating scheduled quiet times without interruptions. 

We sincerely hope that RingPatrol has the positive impact on you and your family as it has for us. 




Amber's Bio

I am a stay at home mom who has a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am very passionate about my family's health and spend a lot of time researching nutrition and child development.  I am focused on taking as much craziness out of our lives as possible so we can spend most of our energy enjoying our time together as a family.  RingPatrol is special to me because it helped my girls and I be as well rested as possible.  It is truly amazing how sleep can positively impact all facets of our day.  Being well rested helps me to be more patient and gives me the energy to keep up with my four silly girls.  I also really enjoy the notification feature because I can do my second favorite thing (shop online) without the anxiety of my delivery person waking my napping child.

Andrew's Bio

I am an Electrical Engineer by training but have transitioned my career over the years to Product Management.  I have been involved in launching new products with large (Fortune 500) companies, as well as small privately owned companies.  I love all things related to innovation and have spent my career focused on researching markets, and developing products that are not only truly innovative but valuable to the end user.  I live by the mantra that if a product doesn't improve a person's life, then it isn't worth developing.  RingPatrol is special to me because I am a technology nerd and because RingPatrol really did improve the lives of everyone in our family.  We have many other smart home devices in our house and love the convenience they provide.   RingPatrol is my favorite though (disclaimer, I might be biased) because it is automatically protecting our coveted sleep schedule.  In the words of a famous infomercial…you just set it and forget it.